Paving Contractors In Middletown NY

What should you look for when hiring paving companies in the Hudson Valley? 


Whether you are looking to pave a commercial parking lot, street or residential driveway you want to hire the best contractor to do the job, don't you?

In this article we share some tips for finding the best paving companies in Middletown Ny to help you get the job done.

  1. CONSUMER BEWARE - Don't trust people that knock on your door claiming they have a bunch of left over asphalt or concrete from a paving job down the street. Many times they will offer to give you a steep discount if you pay cash, shut the door right away! The problem is the driveway will not be prepared the right way for it to last. Second they will probably run out of material and promise to "come back later". As you can guess this is a scam. They will never return and you lost your money and have a driveway half poured. 
  2. DO THEY HAVE PROPER INSURANCE? - Anyone can claim they have insurance? many of these door knockers are moon lighting from their day jobs. Others steal the material and offer to do the work with out general liability insurance. Yet others "borrow" the insurance card info from another contractor friend of theirs. How can you protect yourself? Demand proof of insurance and make sure the name on the insurance document matches the name on the contracts, shirts and trucks. Additionally make sure it is liablity insurance and not simply automobile insurance!
  3. DO THEY HAVE REFERENCES? - Always ask for references form paving customers and clients. Additionally ask to see photos of their work. check for online reviews of the paving service. What are the customers saying? Where they happy with the concrete and paving work? Where there any problems on the job site and were they resolved to the customers satisfaction? The lesson for homeowners in Orange County? Do your research!

Do they offer free paving estimates in Middletown NY?

You want a contractor that is willing to give you a free quote so you can compare your bids.

This is the only way for you to make an informed decision.  Remember you don't want the "cheapest" price because you always get what you pay for. Instead go for the best value for your money. This includes company reputation, service and any warranties they offer you.

The most important thing is to get your free paving quote in writing !

Everyone seems to forget the scope of work, the promises made and the homeowners expectations when the quote isn't clearly put down on paper. This protects the homeowner, the general contractor and the paving company.  

Additionally, you want specifics as to the type of material, how thick it will be poured. Finally, you want to know what is excluded in your contract. If site preparation, demolition and hauling isn't included in your bid you will have to pay for these separately. This will add up quickly. 

The lesson? Always get it in writing!

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